What is Simulation?

Simulation is a training and feedback method in which learners practice tasks and processes in life-like circumstances using simulation manikins (different from “mannequins”) and actual products usually used by healthcare providers. One type of simulator is full-size manikins whose major organ systems have been programmed to respond appropriately to a user’s interventions; in which we have placed in simulated labs, which may mimic i.e., the Doctor’s Office; Long-term care settings, as well as, Home care, with EMR simulators, depending on the scenario the participant is seeking.

What types of courses do you offer?

We offer a variety of course to the public and to our private clients, such as:

Home Health Aide Course (4 weeks) 126 hours
Pre-Employment Competency Evaluation HHA STNA LPN RN
Skills practice sessions
Documentation Training for any setting: Home Health & Hospice; Hospital; Skilled Nursing Facility. OASIS Abstraction Process: HEDIS; Core Measures. ICD-10 Basic Comprehension. And more!

Will I receive a certificate when I complete the course?
Yes, all students who meet the course requirements will receive a certificate if it is applicable to the course requirements.

Do I need to make an appointment to enroll?

Yes. This can be done in (2) ways:

(1) You can call to speak with an enrollment specialist.
(2) Or you can simply complete the contact form; and someone will respond back to discuss setting an appointment  to meet an enrollment specialist.

Is there any upfront fees?

Yes.There a $25 non-refundable application processing fee (included when you enroll.) That is why we have you speak with an enrollment specialist,to ensure you are very serious about your career move at our training center.

Do you accept cash?
No. We accept Money Orders; Paypal; Credit Cards or Debit only. No Cash or Checks. However, you can finance your payments over time.

Just click on the products button follow the drop down menu to HHA Classes and order.

Do you cancel courses if there is not enough students enrolled?
We must have at least two (4) students to be cost effective.

Is the HHA program approved by the Ohio Department of Aging?

Yes. This program was submitted and approved by the Ohio Department of Aging. On completion you will be a Certified HHA.

What happens when I sponsor a student?
You will notify our training center and be given a code to give directly to the student. The student will be notified by our office and speak with an enrollment specialist to expedite the enrollment process. The student will then verify which dates are agreeable with the students schedule to enroll in the next available class.

The student will sign documents allowing the sponsor of their progress throughout the entire course as a prerequisite of the sponsorship program. The sponsor will also be added to the wall of recognition as a community sponsor and be issued a certificate for your personal use. And be honored in a upcoming gathering of community sponsors.

Are there any prerequisites to the program?
Yes, all fees are due at least (3) weeks in advance for the following reasons: Included in your cost you will be required to have appointments set by our facility to arrange for:

1. Preliminary Background Check
2. TB skin Test
3. Physical Exam
4. Drug Screen
5. CPR BLS AHA Course
6. Uniform purchase assistance if available.