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All of us are going to get old, if we live long enough. Some of us grow older more gracefully than others. For example: You are living well in your home safely; And suddenly, you are diagnosed with a catastrophic illness, your children live out of state or relatives, or siblings unwilling to care for you. That home, you call your safe haven, now becomes unsafe, because you can’t get around in it safely.

You can’t even stand on your feet long enough to make a meal. You become short breath just trying to bathe yourself. The car in the driveway is just collecting dust, because you can no longer drive to the grocery store just to pickup the basic necessities. What if you developed a condition that affected your ability to make decisions? Your options become very narrow when this sort of illness occurs.

Now reality has set in. You realize what has happened to you. What are your options? (1) Find someone quickly to come to your home to care for you, if you can. (2) Or you will need to go to a nursing home; or assisted living facility, that is, if you can still make decisions on your own.Don’t wait for this moment. (3) Some of us can actually sponsor a student; or choose are own caregivers. You can be a part of changing our world for the better, by giving members of your church; friends; or individuals; who just need a helping hand to assist them in getting in a program that can change not only their lives; but the lives of others who need help in our community.

Become an advocate, as well as, a contributor, for our aging community to stay safely in their homes. Don’t be just another bystander; and let one more aging member in your community be forced to leave the home they paid, and worked all their lives for, only to be placed in a nursing home; because they can’t safely stay in their own homes alone. Be a life changer, someone is desperately waiting for your help. Thank you for being willing to make a difference.